A Magnificent Night In Liverpool

imageimageimageimageimage imageimageimage imageimageimageimageimage imageimageimageimage Friday night in Liverpool was magnificent: thank you all for coming! Looking forward to London tonight! Thanks to  Mark McNulty & John Chandler for superb photos too.

Here’s the set list in full – the programme was close!

1. O’Connell’s Trip To Parliament / The Abbey Reel / Primrose
2. Paidin O’Rafferty
3. Sean McNamara’s Hop Jigs
4. High Tide
5. Yvonne’s 2, Culleen Joyce’s
6. Buried In The Deep
7. Wosky’s
8. Bata is Bothar
9. Paddy’s Return / Gallagher’s Frolics
10. The Passage
11. Will Joblin


12. Here We Are Amongst You
13. Stalker Wallace / Bucks of Oranmore
14. Weight Of The Sea
15. What Next?
16. Lord Franklin
17. The Clans / Old Cross
18. You Rambling Boys Of Pleasure
19. Terra Firma
20. Some Old Salty
21. The Great St Lawrence River
22. Grange Road
23. Pretty Fair Maid
24. Syncopation
25. Nothing But The Same Old Story

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